About BIE

Bulgarian Institute of Egyptology (BIE) was established as a scientific research project to develop Egyptology in Bulgaria with the cooperation of the B.A., M.A. and PhD programs at the New Bulgarian University. The aims of the institute are to work in the fields of ancient egyptian language, culture, religion and texts. The institute works on different projects most ot them connected with the translation and interpretation of Ancient egyptian texts as well as restoration and conservation of archeological sites in Egypt.

Prof. Sergei Ignatov, d.c.
PhD : “The Story of the Shipwrecked Sailor in the Context of Ancient Egyptian History and Culture in the Age of the Middle Kingdom”,Saint-Petersburg, (1994)
Doct. of Hist. Science – “Morphology of  Egypt in the Classical Period”, (2009)
Teaching and interests: Ancient Egyptian language and literature; Egypt in the time of the Middle Kingdom; The Battle of Kadesh and the history of the XIX dynasty; Ancient egyptian art and religion.


Prof. Teodor Lekov, PhD

PhD – “The concepts of human personality in ancient egyptian religious texts” (2001)

Head of the Department of Mediterranean and Eastern Studies, New Bulgarian University, 2005 –
Teaching and interests: Ancient egyptian language, Ancient egyptian religion, Egyptian magic and myths, Religious literature of Ancient Egypt.

Prof. Emil Buzov, PhD
PhD – “Ancient Egyptian Wisdom Literature III – II millenium B.C.” (2008)
Department of Mediterranean and Eastern Studies,
New Bulgarian University, 2005 –
Teaching and interests: Ancient egyptian language, Ancient egyptian history, Ancient egyptian literature, Egyptian archeology.