JES 1 (2004)


Editorial Foreword, pp.5-6. (download PDF)


Sergei Ignatov. Word and Image in Ancient Egypt, pp. 9-32. (download PDF)

Teodor Lekov. The Formula of the “Giving of the Heart” in Ancient Egyptian Texts, pp. 33-60. (download PDF)

Desislava Nikolova. The Reign of Sneferu: Some Aspects of the Historical and Religious Development, pp. 61-88. (download PDF)

Mladen Tomorad. Shabtis from Roman Provinces Dalmatia and Pannonia. Shabtis in Croatia, pp. 89-116. (download PDF)

Vera Vasiljević. An Unusual Representation of Tomb Owner’s Wife (Deir el Gebrawi Tomb No 67), pp. 117-126. (download PDF)


Galina Belova. The Work of CES RAS in Egypt, pp. 127-138. (download PDF)

Svetlna Bobeva-Simeonova. The Origin of ш/щ in Cyrillic Alphabet, pp. 139-150. (download PDF)


JES 1, 2004 – download zip archive, all publications, 141MB