“Ancient Egyptian Religious Texts – Translation and Commentary”

Head of the project: Prof. Teodor Lekov, PhD

The project deals to fulfill the complete publication of the translation of Ancient Egyptian religious literature. The commentary, notes, and an archive in electronic form will appear after the full publication of the texts. The list of the texts is: The Pyramid texts, the Coffin texts, the Book of the Dead, the Books of the Netherworld – Amduat, the Book of the Gates, the Book of the Caverns, the Book of the Celestial Cow, The Book of the Day and Night, the Book of Hours and a collection of some smaller texts, including magical
incantations, hymns, and ritual texts.

At present, the list of the published translations includes:

The Litany of Re (2004)
The Amduat. The scriptures of the Secret Chamber (2006)
The Book of the Dead (2013)

Prof. Teodor Lekov, PhD


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